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Brainfuck is an esoteric, minimalist, turing-equivalent programming language. It is best known in programming as an easy language for beginners to write an interpreter for, and in the history of Computer Science as a derivative of the P language in which it was first proved that a language can be turing-equivalent without GOTO. The brainfuck language can nevertheless be used by itself.

Brainfuck Language - Decoder, Encoder, Translator, Interpreter brain fuck

Brainfuck is a guide and a highly-interactive simulator of the smallest complete programming language in the world. Master all of its 8 commands to program with capabilities equivalent to those of codes written in any other modern language.

Implementing Brainfuck loops in an interpreter - Stack

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A very minimalist programming language, having a total of eight instructions. Brainfuck is turning complete. Programs written in BF are necessarily obfuscated, as …

Brainfuck: code that was designed to hurt | The Outline

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Brainfuck Language - Decoder, Encoder, Translator, Interpreter

Brainfuck is an extremely minimalistic, fully competent, Turing-complete esoteric programming language created in 1993 as more of a theoretical joke rather than a tool for real-world software development. With just 8 extremely simple commands, Brainfuck code can be used to write algorithms performing virtually any computational task possible.

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A Brainfuck editor & optimizing interpreter, written in JavaScript. The code is converted to JavaScript code and then run in a web worker, which speeds up execution at lot (try this for example). Have fun! :-) You can add special chars to the input field:

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Tool to decode/encode in Brainfuck. Brainf**k is a minimalist programmation language that takes its name from two words that refer to a kind of cerebral masturbation.


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